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Welcome to the Noir Assassin Blog! My name is Audria and I am the founder and designer for Noir Assassin. Noir Assassin is, in other words, a femme fatale. A femme fatale is a female character in the “film noir” genre that while being very beautiful is also very dangerous. Our brand is modeled after this archetype and embodies that duality with our feminine and edgy style. This company has been going strong for a little over a year now and is continuing to grow. Our next collection will be a capsule collection, which you will learn more about later. What I will tell you now is that it will be called “Mente Oscura” and was inspired by the work of film director/producer Guillermo del Toro.

What we hope to bring to this Blog is a little fashion, beauty, art, and life. You can expect to see some style tips, fashion advice, beauty tips, life advice, behind the scenes looks into our studio, photo shoots, and much more. We would also love to hear any suggestions for blog posts that you all would like to see in the future.