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NoirAssassinDesign (2 of 1)-7NoirAssassinDesign (2 of 1)-8NoirAssassinDesign (2 of 1)-9(1)NoirAssassinDesign (2 of 1)-10

“Charme” Photo Series

This photo series was in collaboration with photographer Lauren Shipman. The concept for this series was based on specific complementary color combinations and specific outfit fabrics and textures used to create a very luxurious mood. I wanted to have a very subtle color tone to show through onto the model. Lauren and our Lighting Assistant Malik Daniels accomplished this by using color gels that created that subtle hint of color. For the first outfit, which incorporates a combination of grey, pink, black, and gold colors, you can see a subtle pink tone that creates such a lovely softness which looks so amazing in contrast with the more edgy features of the outfit. The second outfit in the series is all grey with blue accessories. This set has a cool tone that creates a very powerful ambiance. The makeup was done with very sharp and dramatic eyes in grayish brown tones with grayish brown lips to complement the grey outfits pieces. Overall we were able to create very stunning images that embody the soul of Noir Assassin.

Photography: Lauren Shipman

Lighting Assistant: Malik Daniels

Model: Breana Rose Gonzales

Wardrobe: Noir Assassin

Location: Photojunkies